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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Taonga / Family Treasure

Do have a funfilled and safe holiday. If you visit your grandparents, please get information on Taonga, "Family Treasures". Remember that many families have special things / treasures /momentos that remind them of their family's history. Your task is to find out if your family have any treasures from the past. Find out why it is so special and if there is a story attached to the treasure or taonga.
Your visit to the Rotorua Museum would have given you enough ideas about family treasures. I hope you discover  your family treasure!


  1. Share your ideas on the topic. It will be interesting to know what type of Taonga families are keeping to remember their ancestors / family history.

  2. Family treasures are passed on by generations.Remember to take pics of your family Treasures and to also make a few sentences.